What to do if your wordpress website gets hacked

Knowing that your website has been hacked is one of the most frustrating scenarios that you wish that might happen to you on your online journey. As a visitor, nothing can take you away on a site when Google tells you that “This website may harm your computer” or “This website has been compromised”.

A down website causes lower traffic that might affect the online presence of your business but that doesn’t mean that you can no longer recover. Of course, you can! So what should you do when you found out that you’ve been hacked?

  1. Keep Calm

    Take control of the situation. You don’t have to stress yourself when you found out that your website might possibly get hacked. You are not losing everything. Your website is still there. You just have to compose yourself and take a step back to find out what are your last actions before the attack occurs. These actions are helpful to better identify the cause of the attack, where you might possibly get it and on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

  2. Contact your hosting provider

    Your hosting provider can help you get details about the hack and that includes what kind of hack you are experiencing and where you get that in the first place. If you have a shared hosting, there are chances that your other websites have been compromised too.

  3. Scan your website

    There are several ways to scan your infected website. There are application-based scanners (Wordfence and Sucuri) and there are remote scanners (VirusTotal and Sitecheck). We can’t tell you what is the best one but together you improve your odds greatly.

  4. Remove the malware

    Once you identify the attack, make sure to remove it. The factors and steps in doing it require a technical knowledge to perform the cleaning. You can do it yourself or you can hire an experienced professional to do it and help you to prevent it from happening again in the future.

  5. Secure your site

    Once you have verified that your site is 100% clean and malware free, this time you would like to secure your site to prevent the hack to happen again in the future. Follow these recommended security measures from WordPress.

    You would also like to update your themes and plugins as well as your admin username and password to prevent the hackers from accessing your site again.